Fishing in Cabo

Fishing in Cabo

Here’s what you can expect—and when to visit—when fishing in Cabo.

With the shimmering Sea of Cortez to the east and the expansive Pacific Ocean to the west, Cabo San Lucas is surrounded by some of the most fertile waters in the world. Teeming with all manner of sportfish from inshore species like roosterfish and amberjacks to the big game behemoths the region is known for: striped, black, and blue marlin, there’s always a chase to be had—any time of year.

The Marlin Capital of the World

If you like catching big, bright, powerful fish that’ll test your angling skills with every pump of the rod and crank of the reel, catching a striped marlin off Cabo should be your top priority. After all, Los Cabos region didn’t earn the title, “Marlin Capital of the World” for nothing. There’s no other experience like it!

Fishing Marlin in Late Summer to Early Fall

Striped marlins are present in the region all year long but move around according to fluctuations in water temperature, following warmer water where the baitfish they eat are found. The peak season for striped marlin generally occurs in late summer into fall when water temperatures are ideal at the many offshore hotspots off the Cape of Good Fortune: Cabrillo Seamount, Santa Maria Canyon, the 1150 Bank, and the Gordo Banks.

This is also when the largest sportfishing tournaments of the year happen with anglers competing in big money events like Bisbee’s Black & Blue during which they give it their all to catch monster marlins, win huge checks, and earn even bigger bragging rights.

Fishing Marlin in Spring and Winter

The striped marlin bite picks back up in April as waters within day-trip distance of Los Cabos Marina start warming up. If you visit later in the year, say, in December, you’ll have to head up the Pacific side of the Baja Peninsula to the mouth of Magdalena Bay where an outpouring of warm water creates ideal habitat for marlin and the baitfish they eat. Just remember—no matter when you visit Cabo, there are marlins available for the catching!

Aquatic Abundance Anytime of Year

If fishing in Cabo had to be summed up in one word, it would be “variety.” Although marlin is the main species targeted by deep-sea anglers off Cabo, you can expect to hook into a wide array of other game fish species making for a mixed-bag catch few other destinations are capable of producing. When the striped marlin bite is in full swing, count on at least a few wahoo hitting lures in the trolling spread.

Massive yellowfin tunas pushing 350 pounds offer an exciting change of pace, especially when targeting marlin September through November. With so much fishing variety found within such a small area, Los Cabos is the perfect destination for anglers who want to try it all.

Epic Inshore Fishing Around Los Cabos

In addition to the prolific offshore fisheries, incredible inshore fishing exists all around Los Cabos, offering anglers convenient options that don’t require the same time or money investment involved in running 25+ miles offshore to chase marlin.

With bountiful nearshore reefs holding bottom fish like snapper and grouper, and with fast-running roosterfish and amberjacks within casting distance from the beach, you’ll never get bored fishing in Cabo. There’s always a new species to catch and a new location to try!